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3 Reasons Every Employee Should Be Data Literate (and How to Get Started)

By | 10th July, 2020

You’ve probably noticed that you can’t scroll through Twitter or read the news without hitting at least one chart, model, or visual explainer. The world runs on data, and we’re paying more attention to it than ever. But looking at a chart or spreadsheet and deriving useful, meaningful information from it are actually two different… Read More »

5 Ways Your Team Can Stay Productive and Connected While Working From Home.

By | 10th July, 2020

As more companies embrace the idea that remote work could become semi-permanent, one thing is clear: The way we work is officially changing. In 2019, even before stay-at-home orders forced offices to close, a report by Upwork projected that 78 percent of companies would have distributed teams by 2028. Succeeding as a team working remotely… Read More »

Hiring Now… Job Updates of 8th July, 2020

By | 8th July, 2020

Ref Code: 13991 Hiring Orthopedic Surgeon for an leading Hospital in Kutch – Gujarat Qualification:  MBBS – Medicine; MD/MS – Orthopedic Experience: 2 To 10 years Location: Anjar-Kutch, Gujarat Call: 9714274730 Email:  tanuja@postaresume.co.in     Ref Code: 11632 Hiring for an Gynecologist for an Multi-specialist Hospital at Anjar-Kutch Qualification:  MS/MD Experience: 2 To 10 years… Read More »

Jobs update of 6th July, 2020

By | 6th July, 2020

Ref Code: 19704 Chinese & Tandoor Chef for a leading Restaurant Experience: 1+ year in Chinese cuisine & in Tandoor Preferred: Male Call: 7043214151 Email: – netal@postaresume.co.in Ref Code: 19706 Indian Chef for a leading Restaurant Experience: 2+ years in Indian cuisine Preferred: Male Call: 7043214151 Email: – netal@postaresume.co.in Ref Code: 18842 Magento Developer for… Read More »

Best Cover Letters of 2020

By | 4th July, 2020

How to create the best cover letter As a career counselor, I’ve reviewed thousands of cover letters for hundreds of different positions. Give me a quick glance at your cover letter, and I can tell you the effect it will have on a reader. That’s why I wrote this article: to explain how to write… Read More »

5 Competencies to Look for When Hiring Work-From-Home Employees

By | 4th July, 2020

For years, employees have increasingly desired to have the flexibility to work from home. Work from home has skyrocketed by 173% since 2005. Even before COVID-19, nearly 80% of people expressed wanting to work remotely. Yet, as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to alter our lives, it seems unlikely many of us will find ourselves… Read More »

6 secret ways employers test you during job interviews

By | 1st July, 2020

The job market is highly competitive right now in these uncertain times, and potential employers are choosing from a large pool of qualified candidates. Here are a few tricks that hiring managers may be using to secretly test you (if we ever get back to the office). 1. The coffee trick One of our client… Read More »

Recruiting automation, spurred by pandemic, targets later stages of hiring

By | 28th June, 2020

Today, recruiters can whittle an applicant pool down to a short list before speaking to candidates. And someday soon, they might not need to interact with potential hires at all. Adoption of recruiting technology is speeding up as employers have had to take many processes virtual. While software and automation have mostly been aimed at… Read More »

Amazon partners with nonprofit to upskill workers for tech jobs

By | 28th June, 2020

Hourly associates at Amazon fulfillment centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth and Baltimore areas who do not have college degrees are now eligible to receive training for IT careers. Merit America, a nonprofit that helps workers develop desirable skills leading to highly sought-after technology jobs, announced a partnership with Amazon’s Career Choice initiative June 23. The… Read More »

Why the General Assembly declared 27 June Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises Day…MSME Day?

By | 27th June, 2020

Small businesses, including those run by women and young entrepreneurs, are being hit hardest by the economic fall-out of the pandemic. Unprecedented lockdown measures enacted to contain the spread of the coronavirus have resulted in supply chain disruptions and a massive drop in demand in most sectors. To continue playing their crucial role in creating… Read More »

Looking for a Design Job? These Video Interview Tips Will Help You Stand Out When You Can’t Meet the Hiring Manager in Person

By | 26th June, 2020

We’ve all felt it: The twinge of excitement learning about a new opportunity, scoping out the company culture, and imagining the next chapter of your career. None of that’s changed, but as you hit “Apply,” you realize that the interview process has been transformed. Take a deep breath. A totally virtual hiring process is new… Read More »