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Looking for a Design Job? These Video Interview Tips Will Help You Stand Out When You Can’t Meet the Hiring Manager in Person

By | 26th June, 2020

We’ve all felt it: The twinge of excitement learning about a new opportunity, scoping out the company culture, and imagining the next chapter of your career. None of that’s changed, but as you hit “Apply,” you realize that the interview process has been transformed. Take a deep breath. A totally virtual hiring process is new… Read More »

Considerations for your next career change

By | 13th June, 2020

If you feel as if you’ve plateaued at your current job, you may be thinking about a career move. But even if you still think there’s plenty of room for growth, the coronavirus pandemic may have provided you with a reality check on the stability of your job. Regardless of the reason you’re considering a… Read More »