POST A RESUME HR Consultancy takes pleasure in offering powerful and effective search, selection training to its clients across India and Globe. We engage consultants and domain experts who understand your industry so as to ensure delivery of the right solution for your needs. Our consultants are backed by strong research, workflows based on well-defined processes, modern IT and communications infrastructure and highly automated systems for profiling and matching human expertise with job requirements. And the testimonials we get in return from our clients is our biggest reward.
POST A RESUME HR Consultancy works with clients by offering confidential retained, exclusive, and contingent searches and by focusing on the following:
We collaborate with you to meet your needs and achieve your desired end goal.  We understand your needs and goals. That is why our mutual approach pays attention to your emerging needs.
As we contact potential candidates, we know that in their mind we are extensions of your company.  The image we project as your ambassador reflects on your company.  Therefore, we act in a highly professional and ethical manner, representing your company consistent with the overall corporate image you want to project.
Based on your requirements and qualifications, we conduct the search from multiple sources, narrowing the field down to truly qualified candidates.  We are available 24/7 based on the urgency of the search.
Paying attention to all the details, we provide you with the needed critical information to compose and extend an acceptable offer.  We continue this process with follow up and assistance for the candidate as they resign and transition to a new employer.
  How we work.???
  Professionally managed structured database help us find the right candidate in a time much faster than our competitors. Our database is constantly updated by:
Candidates visiting our website and posting their resume.
Interactions with candidates in walk-ins conducted by us at various locations.
Our team contacting candidates directly.
Subscription to third party services.
Response to our advertisements in various media and websites.
Reference from past candidates.
References from network of people who approach us for career advice.
Our team keeps track of high potential employees working in startups and midsize companies along with people working with established organizations. We have also tied up with various professional institutes and thus can ensure a regular source of quality candidates at short notice.
  We offer solutions in the following industry verticals :
Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences and Healthcare
Engineering and EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction)
Manufacturing and Processes
Oil and Gas
Automobile and Ancilliaries
Power and Energy

Construction and Infrastructure

Media, Advertising and Communication

Hospitality and Travel

IT and Education

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